Six months after the first French invasion of Iroquois lands, the Marquis de Tracy, the Lieutenant-General for America, led a second French force into Mohawk lands. He assembled a force of 600 regulars and 600 militia and Native allies at Fort Ste. Anne at the northern end of Lake Champlain. Three hundred boats and canoes carried de Tracy's men to the south end of the lake.

Once ashore, the troops marched east into the heart of Mohawk territory. The Mohawk warriors chose not to confront such a large and well-armed force and withdrew into the surrounding forest. De Tracy's force razed Mohawk towns to the ground and burnt their fields and stores of food. Although the French had not defeated the Mohawk people in battle, the invasion reduced the latter to starvation. By the end of the year, the Iroquois concluded a peace treaty with the French, temporarily eliminating the threat of Iroquois raids.


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