In January 1666, Daniel de Rémy de Courcelle, the new governor of New France, led a force of 300 French regulars and 200 Canadian militia into Mohawk territory. Captain of Militia Charles Le Moyne commanded the Montreal "Bluecoats," and Courcelle assigned Le Moyne's militia companies to lead the advance. The force left Fort Ste. Thérèse on 30 January 1666. During the long march to the south, Courcelle's force did not encounter any Mohawk war parties. The French discovered, however, that the Dutch town of Schenectady had been in English hands since 7 September 1665.

The invasion force arrived back in Quebec on 17 March 1666. Courcelle had lost 100 men to cold and hunger during the march. Although the force had not engaged Mohawk forces, it had apparently made an impression. The Mohawks sent peace emissaries to Quebec to negotiate a truce. The peace mission, however, was simply a stalling tactic designed to provide time for the Iroquois to prepare for fresh attacks on Canada.


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