Our Quarrel with the Foe, Edmonton’s Soldiers 1914-1918

By Ian Edwards

An important new book by our own Ian Edwards is now available. His book dives into the story of the Edmonton area Canadian Militia and its preparation to stop the aggression of the Central Powers of Europe. Follow the new Edmonton units as the officers and men came together as comrades within their own unique and cohesive battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, revealing their difficulties and successes mastering command and control, and adapting new tactical skills, weapons, uniforms and equipment.

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Regimental Commanding Officers

Lt. Col. Philip Lawrence Debney, MM, ED, CD

Our series of articles on Regimental Commanding Officers continues with the fifth CO of the 1st Battalion, The Edmonton Regiment, Lt. Col. Philip Lawrence Debney, M.M., E.D., C.D. (1935-1939). He had served in the Canadian Field Artillery during the First World War and subsequently served in the Canadian Engineers through the Second World War and beyond.

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