Canadian peacekeeping forces served in international hotspots, such as during the India-Pakistan border dispute, the Yemen succession crisis of 1965, the Middle East crisis of 1973-1979, and the Lebanese crisis of 1978. Domestically, Canadian forces were deployed during the October Crisis of 1970.

UN Observation Mission-India and Pakistan: 1965-1966

UN Observation Mission-Yemen: 1965

Restructuring of the Canadian Armed Forces: 1969

October Crisis: 5 Oct-12 Nov 1970

United Nations Emergency Force II-The Middle East: 1973-1979

Canadian Airborne Regiment and the Defence of Nicosia Airport: July 1974

Canadian Armed Forces-Leopard Tanks: 1976

UN Interim Force in Lebanon: 1978

Multinational Force and Observers-Sinai: 1979


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