The Museum's policies and direction are set by the board members of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum Foundation. Day-to-day operations are carried out by a small part-time staff and a group of volunteers who work in classifying, cataloguing, and storing the artefacts, or in other tasks related to displays and records. Many of these dedicated people are past serving members of the regiment or their families.

Board Members

Don Miller (Col, Ret'd)

Rick Dumas (Capt, Ret'd)

Hans Brink (LCol, Ret'd)

Kaetlyn Corbould

Brent Henry (Maj, Ret'd)
Rory MacDougall (WO, Ret'd)
John Matthews (Maj, Ret'd)
Jonathan Pagé (Sgt, Ret'd)


Executive Director
Catherine Saffran

Collections Manager
Kathleen Haggarty

Alisha Lyrette

Special Projects Contracts
Rhiannon Bessette
Joe MacDonald


Besides many of the above, the following individuals support the foundation and the museum by volunteering their time and energy to help us deal with the many tasks related to the day-to-day operation of our museum as well as assisting with special events both at and outside of our facility.

Darcia Arndt
Ian Edwards
Ava Eerkes
Kate Goodhelpsen
Pat Grier
David Hockett
Debbie Hockett
Ted Howard
Lance Kelly
Joe MacDonald
Eva McPhee
Lem Mundorf
Garnet Rooney
Luke Vodnoski

And a special thank you also goes out to all those others who helped support our primary fundraising event at our latest AGLC casino.


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