AMA Recognition

December 13, 2013
Last Updated on: July 21, 2015

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum is proud to announce it has been fully accredited by the Alberta Museums Association’s Recognized Museum Program.

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World War 1 Remembered - Major General Griesbach - Citizen Soldier

January 13, 2015
Last Updated on: July 21, 2015

William (Billy) Antrobus Griesbach was a prime example of a citizen soldier – then and now.

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World War 1 Remembered - Gas Attack and the 19th Alberta Dragoons

April 11, 2015
Last Updated on: July 21, 2015

The Second Battle of Ypres raged from April 22 to May 25, 1915 and elements of the first Canadian contingent to go overseas were involved.

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World War 1 Remembered - Edmonton's 63rd and 66th Battalions

July 9, 2015
Last Updated on: July 21, 2015

In the summer of 1915, the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division was about to join the 1st Division in France to form the Canadian Corps.  A third division was already in the works.  New units were needed for the expanding Corps and replacements were needed by the units already fighting in the front lines.  Across Canada new infantry battalions were being authorized to meet those needs.  In Edmonton, two new battalions started recruiting – the 63rd and the 66th.

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War Art

September 14, 2012
Last Updated on: May 4, 2015

This painting was produced by well-known Loyal Edmonton Regiment war artist Pte Freeman Lewis during the Second World War. The painting depicts the Salso Valley, a decisive point in the Sicilian campaign in the summer of 1943.

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World War 1 Remembered - 49th Canadian Overseas Infantry Battalion - 1917 Q3

July 5, 2017
Last Updated on: July 5, 2017

1917 – July to September

This was a relatively quiet period for the 49th Battalion. There were several tours in the front lines with perhaps the most significant being their participation, in a supporting role, in the Battle for Hill 70, 15-27 August.

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World War 2 Remembered - Loyal Edmonton Regiment - 1944 Q4

October 14, 2019
Last Updated on: October 14, 2019

1944 – October to December

At the end of September, 1944, we left The Loyal Edmonton Regiment resting near the summer resort of Cattolica, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, where they remained until the October 9. On that day the 2nd Brigade started moving north to catch up with the rest of 1 Div. who were fighting their way into the Romagna. Ahead would be a series of difficult battles fighting across river and canal obstacles for which the Edmontons would earn four more battle honours.

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