Canadian Peacekeeper in Convoy, Kyrenia, Cyprus, April 1965.
United Nations (UN 91179, photo by J. Isaac).

Canadian Peacekeeper in Convoy, Kyrenia, Cyprus, April 1965.

A north-bound United Nations peacekeeping force passes through the last barbed-wire post en route to Kyrenia.

Peace talks between the main participants concluded on 27 July 1953 with the signing of the Armistice Agreement. (To this day, a peace treaty has never been signed).

Over the course of the conflict, more than 20,000 Canadians served in Korea. This group suffered 1,557 casualties, including 312 deaths. Despite such considerable sacrifice, however, Korea is, in many regards, Canada's "forgotten" war. Nonetheless, Korea stands as an important milestone in the nation's military history. Canada's participation helped to establish a tradition of Canadian involvement in UN military actions that has endured for over four decades. Korea also illustrates that depending on the UN to maintain international order and stability sometimes requires a willingness to send Canadian soldiers to war rather than just deploying them as peacekeepers keeping armed adversaries at bay.

United Nations (UN 159760, photo by J. Isaac).

Canadian Medic Attends to a Child, near Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2 March 1993.


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