(Tune - Lilly Marlene)

When through the mud you drag your weary feet
Under your tunic your heart may cease to beat
No matter what becomes of thee
I'll always smile and think with glee
That I am L.O.B.

When you hear the spatter of Schmeissers in the night
Then you wonder if your cause is right
No matter how afraid you are
You'll find me in the nearest bar
Cause I am L.O.B.

When you hear the Minnies moaning loud and clear
Shaking up your insides and landing mighty near
Then is the time I have no fear
As I drink you EFI beer
When I am an L.O.B.

When you meet the Wehrmacht over the next canal
I'll drink a toast and wish you luck old pal
When you go into the attack
Just think of me I'm ten miles back
Cause I am L.O.B.

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A96-72, Box 4).