QUOTE NO. H.Q. 349-C-567 D.R. 2 (B)

5th March, 1945.

Mr. James M. Campbell,
317 12th Street South,
Lethbridge, Alberta.

Lieut. I.W. Campbell

Dear Sir:

Battle wounds or injuries are first reported from Overseas as follows:

Dangerously wounded or injured
Seriously wounded or injured
Severely wounded or injured
Wounded or injured
Slightly wounded or injured
Slightly wounded, remained on duty.

The casualty has been reported from Overseas as slightly wounded in action, but as yet the nature of wounds has not been received. As he has not been placed on either the Dangerous or Serious Lists, it may be reasonably assumed that his condition is normal under the circumstances.

When you write to him while he is in hospital, add the words "In Hospital" over the name of addressee for uick [sic] delivery.

Your anxiety in this matter is appreciated, and you may rest assured that as soon as additionally information regarding the nature of his injuries is received, it will be given to you.

Yours truly,

(R.T.E. Hicks-Lyne) Colonel,

Acting Director of Records,

For Adjutant-General.

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A98-96, Box 6).