LT. I. W. Campbell
L. Edmonton Rgt.
C.A., C.M.F.
21 Feb 45

Dear Dad,

I suppose that by now you have received word that I was wounded a few days ago. It is nothing more serious than a broken jaw. I was wounded about noon two days ago when a German grenade landed in my dugout. It blew up and my face got filled with tin and a piece hit my jaw and broke it.

The medical services have been very good. In six hours I was behind in a British hospital. The day after I got there they put me to sleep took the metal out of my face and wired my jaw together. I can't open my mouth to talk or eat so I have a special cup with a rubber tube on it. The doctor says I'll have teeth wired? For at least a week so I'll be on a liquid diet for quite a while.

I think I'll be up on my feet soon and be able to enjoy the nice warm weather we are having these days.

The hospital here is an old Itallian one and is quite a rambling affair. The floor are marble and...

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A98-96, Box 6).