Throughout the first two weeks of July, several thousand Canadian troops crossed the English Channel into Normandy, France. By 15 July 1944, the 2nd Armoured Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division, and 4th Armoured Division joined the 3rd Canadian Division to form the 2nd Canadian Corps. This new corps was placed under the command of Major-General Guy Simonds.

On 18 July 1944, the 2nd Canadian Corps joined the British in a massive armoured attack code-named Operation Goodwood. While the Germans concentrated their Panzer (tank) and infantry divisions to counter the Anglo-Canadian attack, General Omar Bradley's 1st U.S. Army prepared to mount an assault 35 miles (60 kilometres) to the south, near St. Lô. On 25 July, the 1st U.S. Army broke through the German lines.


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