World War 2 Remembered - Loyal Edmonton Regiment - 1944 Q1

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment in Italy

1944 – January to March

The 1st quarter of 1944 saw the Adriatic front settled into static warfare. The two sides faced each other, peering over their barbed-wire entanglements, minefields, trip wires, shattered farmhouses and villas, and shell-pocked fields, sodden with the winter rains. Activity on both sides consisted of mortar and artillery fire and patrols, patrols, patrols. The Loyal Edmonton Regiment faced three months of hardship and casualties not unlike the trench warfare of the First World War, but without the trenches. For more on this read the article in our latest newsletter at the link below.

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This is the nineteenth in a series of quarterly newsletters recognizing 100th anniversary events of the First World War and 75th anniversary events of the Second World War.  Our emphasis is on Edmonton’s 49th Battalion in the First World War and The Edmonton Regiment/The Loyal Edmonton Regiment in the Second World War.  The newsletter also includes articles related to more current events, including museum activities.  Anyone wishing to be included on our email contact list to received copies of our newsletter should email us at


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