World War 1 Remembered - XI Canadian Field Ambulance (Western Universities) - 1916 Q3

1916 – July to September

Trench warfare resulted in many casualties, mostly from enemy action but also from illness and injury. There was a system in place to handle these casualties starting with each forward unit’s regimental aid post (R.A.P.) operated by the unit’s Medical Officer (MO). From there, as necessary, casualties would be moved back through a series of stations where they were further assessed and treated. These included advanced dressing stations (A.D.S.), casualty clearing stations (C.C.S.) and main dressing stations (M.D.S.). The handling of casualties from the R.A.P. back to the M.D.S. was the job of the Field Ambulance units, part of the Canadian Army Medical Corps (C.A.M.C.). For more on this read the article in our latest newsletter at the link below.

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