In 1661, Governor d'Avaugour sent the Captain of the Trois-Rivières Militia to France with a detailed report on the military situation in Canada. Captain Boucher also delivered a written request for 3,000 French regular troops to defend the colony against the Iroquois raids that threatened to destroy it. As a result of Boucher's trip to France, in 1662, King Louis XIV and Jean Colbert, the Minister of Marine, sent the Sieur de Gaudais to Canada to examine the situation and make recommendations.

Upon his return to France, de Gaudais reported that the colony had suffered severely from the predations of the Iroquois and that military reinforcements were essential. Louis XIV decided that the French must take determined action to eliminate the Iroquois threat. As a result, the King and Minister of Marine decided to send 1,000 French troops to Canada.


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