Dear Mum, I've landed safe across the sea,
And feel as fit as fit could be,
Old England sure looks mighty good,
My only holler's want of food,
If you're on leave and wish to eat,
It costs ten bob, so help me Pete.
And all with which you come to grips
Is their everlasting eggs and chips.

Well Mum, I've smartened up a bit,
My monkey suit's a real fit,
I pick em up, stick out my chest,
And show these rubes I'm from the West,
I do my guards and down my beer,
And swing my arms from front to rear,
Sometimes I get fed up of it,
And then I swing the lead a bit,
I'm learning how to use the Bren,
One thing I don't like is their "schemes,"
They get my goat and haunt my dreams.

Last week with training I'd a peeve,
And put in for a week-end leave,
To London Town I went on pass,
'Twas there I met an English lass,
The sights of London we did see,
Then went to Lyons for our tea,
But really she's too serious Ma,
She wants to come to Canada,
She told me Mother, sitting there,
I was the answer to her prayer,
I asked her what the wife would say,
And off she went upon her way.

Well Mum, I'll close for lack of news,
I feel that I would like a snooze,
Be sure and send a pair of sox,
And a dollar as I'm on the rocks,
We'll have a spree when home I come,
So Hi ho Silver, good night Mum.

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A96-215, Box 20).