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May 4

My dear Daddy

Sorry I have not been able to write before this but during April we were engaged in a very grueling operation which allowed little respite for letter writing. I have managed to get a few letters of to Mom and Gladdy. Tonight it has been announced that the enemy against whom we have been fighting has thrown in the sponge and at 0800 hrs tomorrow morning he will cease fire. Actually the end came about three days ago there has been little action since then. Now however we know the end is definitely here and it is a great relief. It means the end of fighting for us - all we need now is a surrender on the part of the Germans still fighting in central Europe and then world war II will be over.

What lies ahead of us now is hard to say but who cares as long as the struggle is over. I have had the satisfaction of leading a company in action. I have commanded 'B' Coy since returning to the unit. I handed over to my 2 a/c about 4 days ago and came out for a rest. During the last month we came from over the Rhine to this area and fought one of our fiercest battles of the war during the last 2 weeks. Our casualties thank God were not heavy but the slaughter we inflicted on the enemy was terrific. He threw in counter attack after counter attack against a budgehead we held over a canal. Finally he was beaten off and we moved forward. I was certainly lucky and I am sure my Guardian angel was determined to pull me through. So here I am safe and sound and barring? natural causes should be returned to you all before the summer is out much the same as when last you saw me. I did get a piece of shrapnel in my finger - my sole claim to being wounded in the entire war. Kaitleen is safely married I understand - alibi? I have had no confirmation of the ceremony yet - I heard they were getting married but immediately forgot about it during the stress of battle. Gladdy will have blessed them for me this and extended my best wishes. I have told Gladdy to proceed forthwith to Canada of earliest opportunity and I shall return in due course dependant upon repatriate policy. Love to mom and hope to hear from you soon. God bless you both - Hope you are well - Charie Chas[???]

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A98-96, Box 5).