Jan. 31. 1944
Loyal Edmonton Regt.
C.O. C.M.F.

Dear Mrs. Vass:

It is with deep regret that I confirm the news of the death of Sgt. D.P. Vass who died of wounds on Dec. 21, 1943. He was with us in the battle of Ortona and having advanced with his company was helping to lift a wounded man on to a stretcher outside a ruined factory when a brust [sic.] of Jerry Machine Gun fire hit him in several places. He was in bad shape so we loaded him into the waiting ambulance and sent him to the hospital. We have been in action ever since so had no news of him. A couple of days ago I visited the Military Cemetery at San Vito and found his grave there. We fixed it up with a nice cross bordered it with white stones and planted some narciccus bulbs on it.

His loss will be a great blow to you and the officers and men of the regiment send sincere sympathy with you. He died fighting in a great army for a great cause. He was a good leader of men and we honour his memory.

May God Bless and Comfort you

Yours Sincerely

Edgar. J. Bailey. H/Major.

P.S. I hope I am writing to the right person; one of the men gave me this address as his pay book went with him. Please convey our sympathy to other members of the family.

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A98-96, Box 4).