City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A98-96, Box 4).

Canadian Soldiers Guard German Prisoners of War, n.d.


America's entry into the war, a crippling naval blockade, and Germany’s inability to replace its casualties meant that the end of fighting was in sight. In a final effort to defeat the Allies, the Germans launched a massive offensive in the spring of 1918. With great difficulty, the Allies stopped the offensive and in August began a counter-offensive that ended with the German surrender at 11:00 am on the 11th of November. Canada’s contribution to this 100-day offensive was significant, with battles fought at Amiens, Arras, Canal du Nord, Cambrai, and Valenciennes.

Spring Offensive

In March 1918, the German army mounted a massive attack that succeeded in pushing back Allied lines towards Paris. German problems with resupply and casualty replacement, however, helped the now reinforced Allies halt the German offensive and recapture most of the lost territories.

Canada's 100 Days

In a rapid string of battles fought from August to November and known as Canada's Hundred Days, Canadian soldiers contributed greatly to the final defeat of Germany.


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