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Troops Enter Fort Garry during the Red River Resistance, North-West Territories, 1870.

Canada's Military History is an interpretative history of the Canadian military from 1867 to the present. It looks at the growth and development of the Canadian military tradition and at the important influence that Canada's military has had on our nation's history. In particular, it attempts to focus on the experiences of Canadian soldiers in battle and during peacetime.


The goals of the "Canadian Military History" section of our website are explained.


"Beginnings" recalls the military in Canada in the 1800s, from British troops supported by all men in the colony, who were required to muster for training once a year, to a small Canadian permanent force army supported by militia volunteers.

Boer War

Canada’s contribution to the Boer War - The Canadian army's first major overseas campaign, British imperialism and Canadian defence policy, and the 1904 Militia Act are discussed.

First World War

Highlights include the causes of the war, Canada’s state of readiness, the homefront in the early years, trench warfare and the major battles, the United States entering the war, a change of tactics, and the last 100 days.

Interwar Years

Highlights include the treatment of Canada's veterans of the Great War, the political and economic changes of the 1920s and 30s, and Canada’s preparedness for the Second World War.

Second World War

Highlights include Canada’s preparedness for another war, the homefront during the war, training in Britain, and fighting in Sicily, Italy, Normandy, and the Netherlands.

1945 to Present

Read about Canada’s, and the Canadian Military’s, place in the ever changing world order since 1945 including the Cold War, the Korean War, Peacekeeping, the Gulf War, and Afghanistan.


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