Headquarters, 49th Canadian Battalion
(Edmonton Regiment)
October 15th 1916
A. 7/7

Ref. Reg. No 101381, L-Cpl. William Hannigan


I have the honor to draw your attention to the conduct of this Lance Corporal, since died of wounds.

He was wounded in the legs in the German Wire. He crawled into a shell hole, bound up his own wounds and the wounds of two other men lying there and subsequently when German bombers endeavored to bomb the shell-hole in question he caught the German bombs in his hands and threw them away where they exploded without injury. Subsequently he crawled away from this shell-hole and was again bombed by German bombers and endeavored to catch and throw these latter bombs away, one of which exploded in his hands tearing his stomach open and exposing his intestines. To keep his intestines in his body he had to crawl backwards in a sitting posture and in this manner succeeded in reaching our trench. He reached the Field Ambulance, but subsequently died of wounds. This Lance Corporalswas [sic.] a member of the baseball team of this battalion.


[Bill Hannigan]

Commanding 49th Canadian Battalion
(Edmonton Branch)

Bill Hannigan was well known in the Peace River country before he enlisted.

Harold R. Peat, Private Peat (Toronto: George J. McLeod Limited, 1917). © Chinook Multimedia Inc.