The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum Web site is intended both as a resource for the general audience interested in Canada's military heritage and as a pedagogical tool for educating our young people. Part of our mission is to honour military service, past and present, and to promote a greater understanding of the legacy of military service in Canada. It is our hope, therefore, that educators and students will use this site in support of school curriculum related to Canada’s military history and the sacrifices made by the military which have helped to preserve and shape the rights and freedoms that we possess today. To this end, we have developed sections of our site dealing with our Regimental History specifically, Canadian Military History and Chronology in general, and, in this section of our site, the cost of preserving our rights and freedoms.

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Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Freedom module has two goals. One is to outline the rights and freedoms we enjoy as citizens of Canada as well as the duties and responsibilities those rights and freedoms impose upon us. The other is to honour the sacrifices made by Canadians and the Canadian military to maintain those freedoms.


This section of our web site provides links to other web sites which we hope will both support and expand on the military history and cost of freedom modules in our site.


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